One of the most important things when considering whether to purchase a property as short-term rental is the potential return of the property. Simply looking at the gross income or Avg. Daily Rate is not usually enough to determine if a property will be profitable.  You need to be able to estimate the expenses that a property has to be able to accurately estimate the actual return.

That’s why we included an income calculator with Bnb Buyer Premium. Check out this video to see how it works:

Using the income calculator, you can actually consider all the important factors that influence your STR investment. Including:

  • Gross Yield – The percentage of gross revenue to purchase price.
  • Cash on Cash Return – The percentage of net cashflow relative to the initial investment
  • Cap Rate – The net cashflow relative to the total purchase price.

The income calculator is available to Bnb Buyer premium members. You can sign up today here: